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Not all Slytherins are slimy gits.
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23rd-Jan-2009 08:38 pm - I hate to do this, but...

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15th-Feb-2008 01:01 pm(no subject)
I love my new iPod nano. It's Product Red, so that makes me feel a teensy bit better about using such an expensive piece of non-essential equipment. Scratch that -- music, especially my music that I choose to listen to and share, IS essential! There are few times during the day that I'm not listening to music, and during those few times I'm usually antsy, jumpy, or annoyed, and just waiting till I CAN listen to music.

I'm looking for accessories, specifically:
1) a protective sleeve or sock to shield the Nano
2) some way for me to connect it to a radio and let everyone hear it instead of just me

For option (1), when I had an iPod Mini, I just used the Neoprene "inCase" soft shield. It's great, and I'm gonna try to find a similar one for the tiny Nano I now have.

Now option (2) is confusing to me because there are SO MANY choices. You can get adaptor cables, or separate speakers, or FM radio connectors -- it's all too much! I am so confused about which of these is the best choice. All I'm trying to do is plug the Nano in somewhere so that other people can hear my songs, not just me! With the Mini that my sister so sweetly let me use, we had a great little gadget called the "iTrip", which you just plug into your FM radio and it broadcasts the songs just for you and your guests on a certain station.

Right now I have my eye on THIS. At $20 it's affordable for my broke ass, and small and convenient. I don't really wanna lug around huge boxy speakers, especially in my car.
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